Whiteflies Still Problematic for Some Florida Farmers

Clint Thompson Florida, Pests, Top Posts

UF graphic shows an updated map showing whitefly infestations.

According to the South Florida Pest and Disease Hotline, whiteflies continue to be problematic for some Florida farmers.

Around SW Florida, whiteflies continue to bounce up and down, as heavy rains and cool nights slowed them down a few days in most places. Population numbers and nymphs are building in a number of mature fields. Growers should increase monitoring efforts as pressure is likely to increase over the next few weeks while older fall fields are terminated. Growers are reporting some problems such as sooty mold in older fields with high whitefly numbers.
In the Manatee Ruskin area, respondents indicate that whitefly numbers have declined in the face of colder weather, and pressure is mostly light.
On the East Coast, reports indicate that whiteflies are reaching high numbers in some older eggplant. Growers and scouts report persistent pressure in tomato with growers spraying as needed.
Reports from Homestead indicate that whiteflies are increasing in a number of crops and that tomato yellow leaf curl virus is widespread in tomato.