Watermelon Field Day to Showcase New Varieties

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Florida watermelon growers will want to mark their calendars for the Enza Zaden Watermelon Field Day. The field day is set to take place May 14 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Enza Zaden Research Station in Myakka City, Florida. 

On May 7, Enza Zaden held a closed event to preview the varieties that will be shown during the grower field day. Below are some pictures from the field:

During the grower field day, attendees will be able to view different varieties, including some that haven’t been released yet. Also, Enza Zaden staff will be available to answer questions and listen to feedback growers may have as the company works to breed even more varieties. Enza Zaden welcomes input about its breeding program and what growers are looking for.

Although the field day is focused on watermelon, attendees will also get a peak at some tomatoes, peppers and squash.

Varieties to be featured during the field day include:

  • Red Amber watermelon
  • Red Opal watermelon
  • Red Garnet watermelon
  • Green Machine squash
  • Cash Machine F1 squash
  • SunFresh F1 tomato
  • Winterhaven 163 tomato
  • Skyway 687 F1 tomato
  • Suwanee 140 F1 tomato
  • Triology F1 pepper
  • Placepack F1 pepper
  • Provider F1 pepper
  • Prodigy F1 pepper
  • New varieties

For more information on the grower field day, click here.

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