Water Needs Continue for Some Pecan Varieties

Jim Rogers Pecan

By Clint Thompson
pecan water requirements
pecan water requirements
Lenny Wells, University of Georgia Extension pecan specialist

Water requirements for pecans have not totally evaporated as harvest season continues across the Southeast. Growers should be mindful that some varieties need water to help shucks open up, says Lenny Wells, University of Georgia Extension pecan specialist.

“Honestly, they probably could use a little (rain) to help these shucks go ahead and open up good. If it’s not raining, they do need to continue watering until those shucks are open. They don’t need to water a lot, but they probably do need to water once or twice a week depending on how dry it does get until we get some more rain. Once they open enough to shape, they can pretty much cut it off from that point,” Wells said.

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, drought conditions are lingering across the Southeast. Conditions range from severely dry in the Florida Panhandle, South Alabama and North Georgia areas, to moderately dry and abnormally dry in other parts of Alabama and Georgia.

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