Vidalia Onion Variety Trial Meeting Scheduled for June 23

Jim Rogers Georgia, Onion

By Clint Thompson
Vidalia onion

It is already time for Georgia Vidalia onion producers to start thinking about what varieties they will be planting for the 2022-23 crop season. University of Georgia (UGA) Extension hopes to help make that selection process easier.

UGA Extension will host a variety trial meeting on Thursday, June 23 at the Vidalia Onion and Vegetable Research Center (VOVRC) in Lyons, Georgia. The meeting, scheduled for 10 a.m. to noon, will provide information on 52 varieties; yields, grades, flavor profiles, harvest maturity and dig dates.

Chris Tyson, UGA Extension area onion agent, discusses what producers can expect from the morning meeting.

“With onions, it’s almost turned into a year-round process. About the time that you finish with the crop, you’ve got to turn around in a month or two and order seed for next year’s crop. We’re going to have a meeting to review all of our results from our variety trials,” Tyson said. “Folks will start putting in seed orders, some in June and a lot in July. We’re trying to put that information out there for them if it’ll help them make a decision or tell them something new about a variety they may have not seen before.”

The VOVRC is located at 8163 Hwy 178, Lyons, Georgia, 30436.

Contact Tyson at or at 912-551-2204 for more information. Click here to register.