USDA Survey for Certified Organic Agriculture Production

Jim Rogers Organic, USDA

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) is conducting the 2021 Organic Survey to collect data on certified organic crops and livestock commodities in the United States.

Certified Organic

NASS will mail the survey to all known certified organic farms and ranches within the 50 states. The questionnaire asks producers to provide information on acres, production, and sales as well as production and marketing practices. Participants should respond by April 4. Producers can return their questionnaires by mail or complete them online at using the new Respondent Portal.

“We continue to receive requests for updated data on organic farms, especially to measure growth in the production sector of the organic industry,” said Donald Buysse, chief of the Census Planning Branch at NASS. “According to the 2019 survey, U.S. certified organic producers sold a total of $9.93 billion in products, up 31% over 2016. That is a significant increase, and this upcoming survey will help determine if that type of growth has been sustained.”

The 2021 Organic Survey will provide data for USDA’s Risk Management Agency to evaluate crop insurance coverage to help develop adequate pricing for organic producers. The report, to be released on the NASS website Dec. 15, 2022, will also assist producers, suppliers, and others in the private sector in planning the production and marketing of new products that will help sustain the growth of the industry.

“This survey continues a great partnership across USDA agencies in a commitment to support certified organic producers based on the best data possible,” added Buysse. “This voluntary survey gives all organic farmers and ranchers who receive it an opportunity to impact the industry.”

As is the case with all NASS surveys, information provided by respondents is kept confidential and will not be published in identifiable form, as required by federal law. Visit the 2021 Certified Organic Survey for more information.

Certified Organic