Training Opportunity for Farm Labor Supervisors

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fls_logoThe Farm Labor Supervisor Training program recently wrapped up its last scheduled class for the fall.

Fritz Roka, associate professor in the Food and Resource Economics Department at the University of Florida’s Southwest Florida Research and Education Center, says that even though the scheduled classes have ended, there is still plenty of opportunity to request more classes at different locations in the near future.

The Farm Labor Supervisor Training program focuses on topics such as: farm labor contractor basics, wage and hour, rules for bus and van drivers, safe driving, human resources compliance, management communications, heat illness and emergency preparedness and safety.

In order to complete the program, eight classes must be taken to receive a Certificate of Farm Labor Management.cflm-sample-jose_smith-500x375

Roka says, “Labor regulations is a tough subject, but a lot of people realize that labor is an important resource and group of people that serve our agricultural industry. There are specific laws and regulations that govern how these workers are to be treated. Unfortunately, these laws and regulations came to be because of abuse that occurred in the past.”

The program has reached the areas of Homestead, Belle Glade, Gainesville, Arcadia, Immokalee, Sebring and Fort Pierce. But it is not limited to those areas, says Roka. “This program is willing to go anywhere where there is a request,” says Roka. “If a grower or employer wants to bring us to their base of operations, we will go on site.”

For more information on the Farm Labor Supervisor Training program, contact a representative of the program:

Fritz Roka (239) 658-3428

Carlene Thissen (239) 658-3449

Barbara Hyman (239) 658-3461

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