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Florida Tomato Leader: Not a Formula for Success

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By Clint Thompson South Florida tomatoes appear destined for an earlier finish to the harvest season this year. Bob Spencer, president of West Coast Tomato in Palmetto, Florida, discusses how much longer consumers can expect to see Florida-grown tomatoes fresh from the field. “I would say the Manatee Ruskin area, which normally goes until the 5th of June will probably …

Florida Tomato Leader: We’re Just Trying to Hang on Here

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By Clint Thompson On the surface, an oversupply of Florida tomatoes helped lead to suppressed prices for the industry. However, one industry leader stresses that supply still pales in comparison to previous seasons. “Look at what’s happened to our industry over the last one to two decades. An industry gets beaten down over a couple of decades and you have …

Alabama Tomato Production: Optimal Planting Period Begins This Week

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By Clint Thompson Planting dates are an important factor to consider when planning for tomato production this year. Alabama Extension reminds interested producers that this week begins the optimal planting period for South Alabama. Andre da Silva, Alabama Extension vegetable specialist, encourages growers in the southern part of the state to plant their crop between March 1 and April 30. …