Sweet Corn Producer: H-2A’s Regulatory Makeup is Intense

Clint Thompson Labor

By Clint Thompson The most significant challenge to sweet corn production isn’t disease or pest pressure or water requirement, says one Georgia/Florida producer. It is finding and utilizing a labor workforce to pick the crop, says Karla Thompson with JET Farms. She and her family’s business utilize the H-2A program to find nearly 250 workers every year for their fall …

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Sweet Corn Challenges in Florida

Jim Rogers Corn, Florida

By Clint Thompson Florida’s sweet corn producers are feeling the pinch of various factors affecting consumer demand this season; most notably, the inflationary prices and colder spring weather up north. Both contributed to suppressed prices for the state’s growers, says Tori Rumenik, commodity service and supply chain manager for the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association. “Our product goes to retail. …

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Sweet Corn Production: Yields Up, Market Down

Jim Rogers Corn

By Clint Thompson John L. Hundley, veteran farmer and newest member of the Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame, produced a quick response when asked how sweet corn production has treated growers this year. “Production’s going good, the marketing isn’t,” Hundley said. “That’s the summary. Nothing else I can tell you other than that.” That’s all growers and consumers need to …