Fungicide Resistance Testing Available for Georgia Grape Producers

Jim Rogers Georgia, Grapes

By Clint Thompson Georgia grape producers should be aware that the University of Georgia has resources to test for fungicide resistance of multiple pathogens in wine grapes. These pathogens include powdery mildew, downy mildew, ripe rot and Botrytis. But only in certain instances should growers send samples to the Plant Molecular Diagnostic Lab in Tifton, Georgia. Phil Brannen, University of …

Neopestalotiopsis Confirmed in Georgia Strawberries

Jim Rogers Georgia

By Clint Thompson Neopestalotiopsis disease has been confirmed in Georgia strawberries this year. While the confirmation is isolated to one South Georgia field, growers should be wary that the pathogen is present in the region. Phil Brannen, University of Georgia (UGA) Cooperative Extension fruit disease specialist, discussed what the discovery means for the state’s producers. “So far this year we …

Rain’s Impact on Diseases in Peaches

Jim Rogers Disease, Peaches, Weather

By Clint Thompson The increase in rainfall across the Southeast is having minimal impact on diseases in the region’s peach crop. Phil Brannen, University of Georgia Extension fruit disease specialist, discusses the current scenario facing producers as harvests continue. “Thankfully, we’re no longer drought stressed in a lot of the locations, which is good. There’s been an increase in disease …

UGA Fruit Pathologist Inducted Into IPM Hall of Fame

Jim Rogers Fruit, Pests, Research

By Emily Cabrera The Southern Integrated Pest Management Center (Southern IPM Center) has inducted University of Georgia Cooperative Extension fruit pathologist Phil Brannen into the Integrated Pest Management Hall of Fame for his significant contributions to commercial fruit growers throughout the southern U.S. over the past 30 years. Each year, the Southern IPM Center recognizes an industry member for extraordinary …

Water’s Importance to This Year’s Peach Harvest

Jim Rogers Peaches, Water, Weather

By Clint Thompson At least another month remains in this year’s peach harvest season for Georgia producers. Amid the current hot and dry weather, conditions have been ripe for minimal disease pressure. Phil Brannen, University of Georgia Extension fruit disease specialist, discusses the positive and negative impact that the prolonged drought is having on this year’s peach harvest. “For a …

purple grapes on tree

Heat’s Impact on Grape Production

Jim Rogers Disease, Grapes, Weather

By Clint Thompson The lingering heat wave sweltering the Southeast could impact grape production this season. University of Georgia Cooperative Extension fruit disease specialist Phil Brannen discussed the impact that temperatures approaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit could have on grape production, especially the younger vines. “I suspect there’s a good bit of stress going on with the vines right now. Unfortunately, …

Botrytis Resistance Testing Key for Strawberry, Grape Producers

Jim Rogers Disease, Grapes, Strawberry

By Clint Thompson A University of Georgia Extension fruit disease specialist encourages grape and strawberry producers who are concerned that botrytis resistance is developing to their fungicides to comply with testing procedures at Clemson University. Phil Brannen stresses that growers should be concerned with potential resistance forming to the botrytis disease. “Botrytis as a fungus is more adept at developing …

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Georgia Peach Producers Stay Diligent with Fungicide Sprays Amid Dry Conditions

Jim Rogers Georgia, Peaches

By Clint Thompson Dry conditions that are prevalent in much of Georgia should not be mistaken as an opportunity for the state’s peach producers to let up on their fungicide spray program. Even as the crop nears harvest, farmers should stay diligent with their fungicide applications, says Phil Brannen, University of Georgia Extension fruit disease specialist. “The spray program, cover …