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UGA Extension Pecan Specialist: Know Your Costs of Production

Jim Rogers Agri-business, Georgia, Pecan

By Clint Thompson Lenny Wells’ words of wisdom to potential pecan producers is simple: Know your costs of production. The University of Georgia Extension pecan specialist stresses to growers interested in starting their own orchards to familiarize themselves with input costs. “It was expensive before, but now with the increase in input costs, like everything, it’s gone way up. As …

Improved Pecan Production Expected in 2022

Jim Rogers Alabama, Georgia, Nuts, Pecan

By Clint Thompson A decreased crop combined with high prices highlighted this year’s pecan season in the Southeast. Lenny Wells, University of Georgia (UGA) Cooperative Extension pecan specialist, believes production will rebound next year. Unfortunately, prices are expected to drop again just like 2020. “I’m a little concerned we’re going to see issues that, if it’s a huge crop throughout …