Rain’s Impact on Diseases in Peaches

Jim Rogers Disease, Peaches, Weather

By Clint Thompson The increase in rainfall across the Southeast is having minimal impact on diseases in the region’s peach crop. Phil Brannen, University of Georgia Extension fruit disease specialist, discusses the current scenario facing producers as harvests continue. “Thankfully, we’re no longer drought stressed in a lot of the locations, which is good. There’s been an increase in disease …


Brown Rot Management Key for Peach Producers

Jim Rogers Disease, Peaches

By Clint Thompson Alabama Extension reminds peach producers that brown rot disease can flare up this time of year and wreak havoc on the remaining crop. That is why growers should be diligent with their preventative fungicide sprays, says David Lawrence, Alabama regional Extension agent. “It’s almost a given that if you don’t spray preventatively, you’re going to face it …


Pointers for Peach Brown Rot

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By Ali Sarkhosh Brown rot, caused by Monilinia spp., is one of the most economically harmful fungal diseases for peach and other stone fruit growers worldwide. Four Monilinia species have been found to cause brown rot. M. fructigena and M. laxa are two of the most common species found in Europe. Monilinia polystroma, an anamorphic species closely related to M. …