Fertilizer Prices to Remain High for Specialty Crop Producers

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By Clint Thompson The high fertilizer prices gripping the agricultural world should improve some for farmers this year. But just a little. At the very least, costs are not expected to increase, says Glen Harris, University of Georgia (UGA) professor and Extension agronomist in environmental soil and fertilizer. “If you look back, fertilizer prices went up in 2008 but came …

Gas, Diesel Prices Continue to Tumble

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Average gas diesel prices continue to drop across the U.S., which is good news for Southeast specialty crop producers hoping to see a decline in input expenses. According to AAA, Monday’s average for regular non-leaded was $4.35 per gallon, a decrease from last week’s $4.52 and last month’s $4.90. It is still much higher, though, than the $3.15 cost from …

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Budgeting for Success: Economist Outlines Importance

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By Clint Thompson Budgeting has emerged as a significant management tool for specialty crop producers. If growers hadn’t implemented the practice before COVID-19, most certainly are now during an era of unpredictable input expenses and price fluctuations from one month to the next. Wendiam Sawadgo, Auburn University assistant professor and Extension economist, outlines the importance of farmers utilizing this important …

Specialty Crop Producer: Our Guys Need to Make Money

Jim Rogers Agri-business, Specialty Crops

By Clint Thompson The 2022 season could be a pivotal year for specialty crop farmers. A production season that began with input costs spiking to unforeseen levels needs to end with growers pocketing some money, says Drew Echols, owner of Jaemor Farms and president of the Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association. “I think this season is a crucial season …

Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Lingering Impact on Farmers

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By Clint Thompson The longer the conflict in the Ukraine lingers the added impact it will have on input costs farmers are forced to pay, mainly for fertilizer. Veronica Nigh, economist with American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), discusses the situation. “I think what this last year and the last couple of months in particular have pointed out, these are globally …

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Statistically Speaking: Various Factors Contribute to Surge in Input Expenses

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By Clint Thompson Various factors have contributed to the increase in costs for fertilizer and other energy-based inputs. A surge in post-pandemic demand combined with transportation delays, low crude oil inventories and the current Russia-Ukraine conflict are the main reasons, according to a report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Economic Research Service. Nitrogen fertilizer is up 110% from …

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Starting in Strawberries? Input Expenses Costly but Reward is Potentially Great

Jim Rogers Agri-business, Strawberry

By Clint Thompson Strawberries have the potential to be a lucrative commodity for interested specialty crop producers. But they can also be extremely expensive to grow. Farmers need to understand the investment before diving head first into the industry next season, says Jessie Rowan, Alabama regional Extension agent, who specializes in commercial horticulture and farm and agribusiness management. “To me, …

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Specialty Crop Farmer: Make Sure You Have Orderly Marketing

Jim Rogers Agri-business, Specialty Crops

By Clint Thompson One Florida specialty crop industry leader believes there has been no letup in the spike in input costs. That’s why Aaron Troyer, Florida potato farmer and chairman of the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association, insists growers ensure that what is being grown matches the demand for it. “Make sure your budget is in order and make sure …