Potential Organophosphate Ban Latest Challenge for Vegetable Producers

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By Clint Thompson First chlorpyrifos. Now, potentially, all organophosphate pesticides. What’s the next resource that the Environmental Protection Agency could be petitioned to take away from specialty crop producers? “At some point it becomes a threat to the food supply,” said Stormy Sparks, University of Georgia Extension vegetable entomologist. It’s a concern for Sparks, who believes carbamates could be next. …

Specialty Crop Reminder: Chlorpyrifos Banned After Feb. 28

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Specialty crop producers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and surrounding states are reminded that the tolerances for chlorpyrifos will expire on Feb. 28. Any application of chlorpyrifos to a food crop, such as onions or sweet potatoes, after Feb. 28 will make the crop adulterated. The result is that it cannot be harvested and sold. If a farmer harvests in April …