UGA Vegetable Specialist: If it Dries Up (This) Week, We Should be in Good Shape

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Tim Coolong

By Clint Thompson

Daily rainfall this summer is not ideal for Georgia’s vegetable and specialty crop farmers. It is especially concerning for those growers gearing up for fall plantings.

But it could be a lot worse, says Tim Coolong, associate professor in the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

“I will say, particularly for South Georgia, we’re in that short, in-between period right now. Because of that it could be a lot worse than it is,” Coolong said. “A lot of the guys are not planting their fall crop until the first week or so of August. If it dries up next week, we should be in good shape. Some guys up in north Georgia obviously have material in the ground. The guys up here, the rain is obviously not a good thing for them. For the South Georgia guys, it’s not too bad.”

According to the University of Georgia Weather Network, Tifton, Georgia received 5.83 inches of rainfall from July 1 to July 22 with 20 rainy days. By comparison, Tifton received 0.94 inches and 6 rainy days during that same timeframe in 2020. Moultrie, Georgia received 11.27 inches from July 1 to July 22 with 16 rainy days. It recorded just 3.17 inches and 10 rainy days in 2020.