Sen. Ossoff: Georgia Farmers Need Results

Jim Rogers Georgia

By Clint Thompson

U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff (GA) is ensuring Georgia’s specialty crop producers have a voice in the ongoing Farm Bill discussions.

Senator Ossoff
Submitted photo shows Senator Ossoff meeting with Georgia farmers and industry leaders.

Ossoff has been in Georgia this week, meeting with farmers and industry leaders, discussing their needs and what must be included in this year’s Farm Bill. He discussed the meetings he has had with growers in the specialty crop sector.

“Agriculture is the heart of Georgia’s economy, and I’m always working hard for Georgia farmers; for example, recently leading the effort to cut the tariffs on American pecans that India had imposed. It was a successful effort working with Georgia pecan growers to expand access to the Indian market of more than 1 billion consumers,” Ossoff said. “The last few days I’ve been meeting with farmers and growers across the state of Georgia. Right now, Congress is writing the Farm Bill, and it’s important that Georgia’s interests be recognized. The last few days I’ve been with pecans, peanuts, citrus, blueberry, onion, peach growers; hearing their latest needs so that I can represent them most effectively as we write the Farm Bill.”

The farm bill is a law that is renewed every five years. It governs agricultural and food programs and provides legislative leaders like Ossoff the opportunity to address issues pertaining to agriculture.

“I always try to work bi-partisan and always bring republicans and democrats together to get things done for Georgia. Georgia farmers don’t need political bickering. They need results. Georgia agriculture is strong but faces challenges,” Ossoff said. “We’ve got farmers struggling with high input costs, labor difficulties, but I think there are great opportunities.

“I’m very excited about the future of Georgia agriculture and I want to encourage Georgia farmers who have needs or suggestions to reach out to me at