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The Georgia Department of Agriculture is beginning a new marketing campaign to promote Georgia fruits and vegetables around the United States. Matthew Kulinski, deputy director of marketing with the Georgia Department of Agriculture, says this marketing program coincides with Georgia Grown’s new slogan: Nature’s Favorite State.

According to Kulinski, the goal of the program is to have Georgia be known as “Nature’s Favorite State” around the country by branding Georgia products as such. The marketing team wants to use this branding to encourage U.S. consumers to purchase Georgia Grown products by showing them that Georgia products are higher in quality and taste when compared to their competitors.

Kulinski will be putting this program in practice within the state of Georgia as well. “We ask Georgia consumers to purchase Georgia Grown products because they’re local and they help local businesses,” he says.

Kulinski hopes that over time, the United States will know Georgia as “Nature’s Favorite State.”

The marketing division at the Georgia Department of Agriculture recognizes the uniqueness of Georgia growers and their products, and they want the Georgia agricultural industry to know that they are there to help. “That’s our number-one goal, and we’ll do anything to help them make that sale,” Kulinski concluded.

Read more about Georgia Grown’s new slogan, “Nature’s Favorite State,” here.

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