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Pecan Nominations: Deadline for Promotion Board is March 26

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georgia pecan

Attention pecan producers who are interested in serving on the American Pecan Promotion Board. The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is seeking nominations for pecan growers. The deadline is Friday, March 26.

Eligibility requirements include that producers and importers must have produced or imported more than 50,000 pounds of inshell pecans or 25,000 pounds of shelled pecans on average for four fiscal periods.

The 17-member American Pecan Promotion Board will consist of 10 producers and seven importers. The 10 producers will be divyed between three regions within the United States as follows: three from the Eastern Region; three from the Central Region; and four from the Western Region.  Initial board members’ terms will be staggered. The USDA will assign the terms of two, three and four years. Each member’s term will begin when the USDA approves the final nominations.

Growers who produce pecans in more than one region may only seek a nomination in the region in which they produce the majority of their pecans.

If you are interested in serving as a producer member, please submit your nominations to You may also contact Jeff Smutny at (817) 916-0020.  

USDA is conducting nominations for importer members. Please submit nominations to Patricia Petrella at

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