NCDA&CS Seeks Proposals from Researchers Exploring Bioenergy, New Crops for North Carolina

Jim Rogers North Carolina

Applicants should apply for part of the $1 million in grant funding by Oct. 28

North Carolina Bioenergy Research Initiative

RALEIGH – The North Carolina Bioenergy Research Initiative and the New and Emerging Crops Program are seeking 2022 grant proposals that support each program’s mission.       “In the years since these programs began offering grants, we’ve seen some promising developments from the research projects that have received funding,” said North Carolina agriculture commissioner Steve Troxler. “I’m happy to see each program once again offering $500,000 in competitive grants. By investing that money in agricultural research, we help North Carolina maintain agriculture and agribusiness as the leading industry in our state. Ultimately, we know the funding provided now could pay off in farm incomes and in the state’s overall economy.”   Each program is organized under the NCDA&CS Research Stations Division. While not required, research projects funded by the grant programs may use the Division’s infrastructure and resources throughout the state, including one or more of the Division’s 18 research stations.

Copies of the grant applications, required forms and additional information are available on each program’s grant web page. The Bioenergy Research Initiative page is at, and the New and Emerging Crops grant page is at Applications must be postmarked by close of business on Oct. 28. Questions about each program should be directed to the contacts above. For more information on the application process, contact Allison Medlin, at or at 919-693-2483.