Moth Counts Collected by Alabama Extension

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Moth counts compiled by Alabama Extension showed that a wet spring and dry summer in 2022 had a major effect on pest populations. The following insect counts were collected last year at 26 locations from May to October.

Alabama moth counts

Beet armyworm activity was four times more than the fall armyworm. There were 807 beet armyworm moths in 2022 compared to 252 fall armyworms.

Southern armyworm activity has gained momentum over the past three years. There were 441 moths collected in 2022.

Corn earworm/tomato fruitworm has been steady over the last two years. There were 315 collected in 2022 and 353 the previous year.

Cabbage loopers were active in the late summer of 2022 and could carry over to the winter crops. Cabbage looper moths numbered 889 last year which followed 735 in 2021.

Squash vine borers activity was high the last two years. There were 1,205 collected last year, which followed 1,230 the previous year. Check out to know more about the borers.

Source: Alabama Extension