More Produce Recalled from E. coli Outbreak

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By Taylor Hillman

More produce is coming off the shelf after the farm linked to the romaine E. coli outbreak was identified last week. The Federal Drug Administration pinpointed a Santa Maria, California, farming operation, Adam Bros. Farming, as one of the sources of romaine lettuce that contained a strain of E. coli bacteria that sickened people in October.

The company is now voluntarily recalling red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce, and cauliflower they produced from Nov. 27 to Nov. 30 in particular fields. The recall is entirely voluntary.

Adam Bros. said in a release that it is committed to its customers and has worked for years to provide a safe and healthy food supply. 

The operation was identified in the original investigation after a test for the E. coli strain in an irrigation source the farm used came back positive. Adam Bros. said filtered and treated water from that source may have come in contact with the new produce recalled after harvest. No test involving the filtered and treated water has come back positive for the disease.

Adam Bros. said the additional recall is out of an “abundance of caution.” 

All of the recalled products are field-specific and have certain identifying labels. The details and labels can be found in the Adam Bros. Farming press release.

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Taylor Hillman is AgNet Media’s operations manager and farm news director for AgNet West.

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