Mexican Imports Costing Georgia Veggies

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Pictured are yellow squash.

By Clint Thompson

Georgia vegetable producers are enjoying a productive season. It would be even better if not for imports from other countries, specifically Mexico.

“Overall, all I’ve heard is that the product is good. It’s a high-quality product that we’ve got this year,” said Charles Hall, executive director of the Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association. “Unfortunately, in some areas, the Mexico products have hit the market and we’ve seen prices at much, much lower pricing than what it should be. Squash is selling at $4 and $6 a box. You can’t produce it for that. We’re continuing to take a beating on the Mexican import front.”

The USITC held an investigative hearing on April 8 regarding the imports of squash and cucumbers and their impact on the domestic industry. The USITC will make their reports to the United States Trade Representative no later than Dec. 7.