Quiet Insect Activity: Alabama Producers Still Need to Take Precautions

Clint Thompson Alabama, Pests, Top Posts

Photo courtesy of Ayanava Majumdar

Insect pressure is currently quiet in Alabama. But infestations could increase dramatically if producers don’t take the proper precautions, says Ayanava Majumdar, Extension Professor in Entomology and Plant Pathology at Auburn University.

“At this point, things are kind of calm and quiet, except perhaps for people who have greenhouse crops or are trying to start their seedlings or trying to get them. I just want to caution and bring those prevention points again to focus; how to prevent some things,” Majumdar said. “Always get transplants from good sources. If they’re being bought from out of state or a store, check for small insects like aphids. That’s the one that comes to mind that hitchhikes a lot on transplants that are bought outside.

Armyworms are also an insect to look out for.

“For the conventional farmers, they have to look at their systemic drench insecticides, make sure they have those. There might be some areas down south where they still have maybe armyworms. Watch out for caterpillars. They may show up if someone’s having a particularly warm winter,” Majumdar said.