Hurricane Florence Damage Protocols

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By Breanna Kendrick

As Hurricane Florence is knocking on the Carolinas’ doorstep, Tom Dobbins, director of Cooperative Extension Service for Clemson University, has some information to share with South Carolina farmers: “Our agents are prepared to go out and assist the farmers who experience damages from Florence,” he says.

Agents will assure proper documentation of hurricane damage is recorded. “It’s going to be a long process, but our agents have been briefed and are ready to go out and start working with the farmers to get the damages documented in a timely manner,” Dobbins says. “Once we have a plan in progress post-hurricane, we’ll have to do an assessment of damage and make sure that all the damages received during the hurricane are recorded. We’re never sure what assistance, if any, will be needed. But what we do know is that farmers not taking the proper records and documenting will not receive the right assistance to receive the full benefits.”

The Clemson Extension website includes all the information and forms. Agents will be in constant contact with the Farm Service Agency, the Natural Resources Conservation Service and other agencies and will post updated information on the Clemson website. Farmers are urged to visit the website to obtain all the forms and information needed for damage assessments.

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