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Managing drift requires a multi layered approach for success. Straightforward factors include weather and
nozzle type. Most growers don’t realize that the most important attribute you can control is the initial size of the spray droplet.

  1. Small Droplets: also known as “fines,” are prone to drift and evaporation. Any droplet coming of the
    of nozzle that is less than 105 um (microns) is prone to drift.
    Fun Fact: droplets that are 100 um become 50 um in 5 seconds and completely evaporate in 10
    seconds (Oregon State University). Between drift and evaporation, most fines never even make it on
    to the target.
  2. Large Droplets: droplets over 400 um are prone to bounce, shatter and run off once they reach the
    target. While large droplets can make it to the target, they won’t stay on the target.
  3. Even ideal sized droplets (200 – 325 um) will experience evaporation during their journey from the
    nozzle to the leaf. The goal is to create uniform, ideal sized droplets that reach the target without
    losing droplet volume.

Ampersand® and Accomplice® adjuvant’s proprietary technology utilizes hydrocolloids and humectants to control the water and actives in your spray tank by pairing the physics of rheology with over 100 years of hydrocolloid technology expertise.

Our technology controls the size and viscosity of the water droplets in your tank mix. When formulated with humectants, these uniform droplets do not lose volume from the tank to the target.

Precise droplet size control and superior evaporation protection are how we have better drift control than 4 leading DRAs. The result? Up to 3X more of your spray application that gets to the target and stays on the target.

Our unique approach to delivering active ingredients extends further than uniform droplet size and drift control. Our other attributes – adhesion, evaporation protection, wash off resistance – create an environment on the plant where actives have 2X more time on the plant to perform their functions.

Contact your regional Attune Advisor on how you can reduce drift on your next spray application and maximize the performance of your active ingredients.

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Ampersand Adjuvant

Ampersand is a multi-functional adjuvant for foliar applications designed to maximize the efficacy of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and nutrients. OMRI listed Ampersand works differently than other adjuvants to deliver 3x more spray to the leaf, 2x the absorption potential, and 4x the wash off protection.

Accomplice Adjuvant

Accomplice is formulated for maximum compatibility across the spectrum of conventional herbicides and a step change improvement over any other drift reduction agent when used in aerial applications. Accomplice has all the performance benefits of Ampersand, and is EPA approved as a tank mix partner for use with 2,4-D and dicamba.

About Attune Agriculture
Born from over 100 years of hydrocolloid expertise, Attune Agriculture combines deep roots in food science and agriculture to create crop inputs that are performance based and safe, for both the environment and the people who use them. 

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