GFVGA Encourages Members to Fill Out Labor Survey

Jim Rogers Georgia

The Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association (GFVGA) encourages its producers to share their experiences with the H-2A program with the Agricultural Labor Working Group.

Labor Survey

The U.S. House Agriculture Committee established a bi-partisan committee that focuses on workforce issues faced by the country’s farmers. The Ag Labor Working Group is requesting input from growers via survey.

Georgia is one of the top users of the H-2A program and has a vested interest in any effort to modify the program, simplify the visa process or limit the increasing fees and wages that have impacted Georgia producers; specifically the 14% increase in the Adverse Effect Wage Rate in 2023.

The GFVGA encourages all industry members to respond to the survey which represents an opportunity for Congress to hear directly from growers who are impacted by ongoing labor challenges.

“Let’s not let the opportunity pass to provide direct feedback to our members of Congress on this critical issue,” the GFVGA said in an email to its members.

Those interested can click here to fill out the survey.

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