GFVGA Advises Growers to Be Prepared for New Heat Stress Regulations

Jim Rogers Georgia

The Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association (GFVGA) is encouraging its growers to be prepared for new heat regulations administered by the Biden Administration and OSHA.

heat regulations

“OSHA has not yet released complete heat standards, but now is the time to get prepared,” GFVGA said in an email to its members.

Producers can download the heat stress awareness poster and hang it in their facility. They can also visit the GFVGA website to find guidelines and key information regarding heat stress. Farmers should also devise a plan for their farm and facility that details how they will approach heat stress for farm workers.

“As hot conditions continue, GFVGA is pleased to provide resources to help both employers and employees recognize, prevent, and react to heat stress conditions. This includes tips on beating the heat as well as downloadable posters that provide information on keeping your workers safe during high heat periods,” said the GFVGA. “Find our home page here: .”

Members should contact the GFVGA office at 706-845-8200 for additional information. Growers can also mark their calendars for the upcoming Ag Labor Relations forum on Nov. 14-15. Heat regulations will be a pivotal message of education at the two-day event.

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