Appointments Made to Georgia Wine and Grape Commission

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Five Georgia wine producers have been appointed to serve on the Georgia Wine and Grape Commission.

North Georgia Region – Eric Seifarth, Towns County; Central Georgia Region – Simone Bergese, Barrow County; South Georgia Region – Gary Paulk, Irwin County; Appointed as at large members – Gary Engal, Gilmer County and Eric Miller, White County. 

Engal and Bergese will serve terms of three years, and the other appointees will serve terms of two years. These individuals will be eligible to be reappointed following their terms. 

The Georgia Agriculture Commodity Commission for Wine and Grapes was established by the Georgia General Assembly in 2020 at the request of the Georgia wine industry. The Georgia Wine and Grape Commission can implement a marketing order which will allow for collection of assessment from producers upon approval of the growers. Funds collected must be used for research education and promotion of the commodity.

For more information please contact Andy Harrison:

Andy Harrison

Manager, Commodity Commissions

Georgia Department of Agriculture

(404) 710-1196