Georgia Crop Insurance Program Expands; Deadlines Approaching

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By Karla Arboleda

Growers in Georgia will soon be facing deadlines to secure their crop insurance.

The U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) Risk Management Agency (RMA) office in Valdosta, Georgia, is reminding growers of deadlines related to their crop insurance and new counties that have been added to the program. Davina Lee, USDA RMA regional office director, highlights important dates

“(We) have liaisons throughout the country and this will help us to determine additional specialty crops that may need insurance options, and what those options should be for the farmers.” Lee says. “Producers who have programs now should really be trying to contact an insurance agent, especially with the July 31 sales closing date approaching.”

Beginning in 2020, the RMA office in Valdosta has expanded crop insurance programs for fresh market sweet corn, tomatoes, peaches and peppers in counties across Georgia. Lee emphasizes the programs are for the 2020 crop year.

“If it’s not (available in their county), they can work with their agent to request coverage by a written agreement,” Lee said. “Sweet corn and pepper farmers must purchase their policy by July 31. For peach farmers, they have until Nov. 20, and tomato growers have until Jan. 31.”

The urge to address the protection growers could have for their assets comes amid the new legislation recently signed into law by President Trump. After last year’s natural disasters, growers in the deep Southeast were heavily affected.

“One thing RMA heard after Hurricane Michael is that there were not adequate crop insurance options for vegetable growers,” Lee says. “So by expanding these programs, we can assist farmers who purchased a policy with insurance options.” Growers in Georgia, Florida and Alabama can contact the RMA office for more information on their options for crop insurance.

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