Stink Bug and Weevil Management in Pecans

Clint Thompson Georgia, Pecan, Top Posts

Pictured is a stink bug.

Pecan producers need to start managing stink bugs and weevils in this year’s crop. This is especially important for the crop as its shell hardens. Prior to shell hardening, the pests will knock nuts off the trees or lay eggs. But after shell hardening, these pests will damage the nuts that growers won’t see until harvest, according to University of Georgia Extension Pecan Blog.

Growers should apply pyrethroid sprays where the pests are a concern. Bifenthrin provides the longest lasting control on stink bugs and weevils. It has the longest residual on some of the major stink bug pests and will last 10 to 14 days.

If row crops are nearby, pay attention to those fields. Stink bugs like cotton bolls. When peanuts are dug, they attract stink bugs, which look for other places to travel to, and pecan orchards are appealing.

If there is an orchard that has had weevil issues in the past, prepare to spray when shell hardening occurs, which should be within the next week for most varieties, except for Pawnee. For most cases, 2 to 3 sprays for weevils are enough.

Source: UGA Extension Pecan Blog