Florida’s Blueberry Production: May Management Tips

Jim Rogers Berries, Florida

Harvests may be nearing an end for Florida’s blueberry producers, but management should continue during May.

Florida's Blueberry

University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) recommends that growers monitor for leaf diseases like rust, anthracnose, Septoria, target spot and Phyllosticta.

Florida’s blueberry producers should continue with insecticide sprays for spotted wing drosophila to protect against any remaining ripe fruit on the bush. Farmers should also continue monitoring for adult citrus root weevils and adult flatheaded borers in infested areas, and blueberry maggot in affected areas.

UF/IFAS also recommends scouting for chilli thrips and blueberry flea beetles and manage appropriately.

Growers should apply a pre-emergence herbicide after harvest for weed control. Also, pruning is required to stimulate new vegetative growth. This also requires an immediate fungicide application to minimize the risk of fungal pathogens infecting pruning wounds.

Florida's Blueberry