Florida Tomato Conference in September

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By Clint Thompson

Registration is under way for the Florida Tomato Conference, scheduled for Sept. 8 at the LaBelle Civic Center in LaBelle, Florida.

The annual format will feature industry and research updates in the morning session. Michael Schadler with the Florida Tomato Committee will speak about the state of the industry. Scientists from the University of Florida/IFAS will share information pertaining to tomato research.

There will also be a food safety workshop in the afternoon for interested producers.

“The Florida Tomato Conference has always been important for a couple of different reasons. On one side of it, just trying to get the most recent information to the growers in as timely a manner as possible,” said Craig Frey, University of Florida/IFAS Hendry County Extension Director. “Then on the food safety side, it’s continuing with T-Gap certification, making sure that growers are able to get that. That’s what the afternoon portion will be.

“Our hope with this new format is to be a little bit more streamlined and take less time for growers away from their other responsibilities and look forward to making that happen in a one-day event this year. Hope that’ll serve the industry well.”

The event will start at 9 a.m. and conclude at 5 p.m. Click here to register.