Florida Pomegranate Acreage on the Rise

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Cindy Weinstein, president of the Florida Pomegranate Association, discusses the increasing popularity of growing pomegranates in Florida.

“The acreage is growing,” she says. “I’m constantly hearing people calling and saying ‘Oh, I just put in another acre!'” Although there is no exact way to calculate how much pomegranate acreage there is in Florida, Weinstein is certain the acreage is increasing “all throughout the state, not just in our area. A lot is going on in northern Florida, and we are getting other varieties of trees that are good for acreage south of Interstate 4 in Florida.”

Weinstein explained, “We are picking up varieties so we will be able to put pomegranates all throughout the state of Florida and have the correct varieties for each area.” She says new evergreen varieties, that are extremely beneficial because they do not go dormant, have been added to the growing list of varieties found in Florida.

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