So Far So Good for Florida Peach Crop

Clint Thompson Florida, Peaches, Top Posts

So far, so good for Florida’s peach crop. According to Jose Chaparro, UF/IFAS Associate Professor in the Horticultural Sciences Department, the peach season is going well throughout the state.

“This has been really the best spring season we’ve had in a few years,” Chaparro said. “We got adequate chilling. We have good weather, and we haven’t had too much rain. Disease pressure has been low.

“Here in Gainesville, we’ve been evaluating now for several weeks. We’re getting good size, good brix, very good appearance. We haven’t had too much rain, so disease issues aren’t a big problem. Brown rot has not been a significant problem yet. With the cool nights, we’re just getting excellent fruit quality right now.”

Symptoms of Brown rot can include blossom and twig blight, cankers and fruit rot. Infected shoots become sunken and brown. Fruit will develop tan to gray round spots.

Florida peach harvests will start to taper off the second week of May. By the end of the month, Florida will be out of the market. South Georgia is expected to start picking soon.