Late Registration Looms for FFVA Convention

Clint Thompson Florida, Top Posts

By Clint Thompson

Late registration for this year’s Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association (FFVA) convention ends Aug. 30. The 77th annual convention is slated for Sept. 13-15 in Naples, Florida.

Mike Joyner

FFVA President Mike Joyner said the organization is excited about this year’s event.

“We are expecting just a great turnout. I think people are just really anxious to get out and interact in a safe manner with growers,” Joyner said.

“We’ve got a great agenda. We’ve got two or three panels. One panel is kind of a federal update panel where we’ll have two or three folks giving updates on things like Ag labor and a general overview of this administration. We’ve got a panel that’s going to look at AI (artificial intelligence) in agriculture and how that’s going to be changing the way we do things. We’re excited about that.”

The event will be held at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Florida. It will feature multiple forums and sessions on Tuesday, Sept. 14 and Wednesday, Sept. 15.

“We rely very heavily on a convention committee, which is made up of our growers. They are in this thing from the start with us. They help us choose speakers, they recommend speakers, they reach out to speakers on our behalf,” Joyner said. “I like to think that’s why we’ve had such a good conference over the years with really good speakers is we just listen to what our growers are asking for.”

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