Farming Basics App Provides Answers to Key Issues

Clint Thompson Alabama, Top Posts

Photo by Alabama Extension shows the Farming Basics App.

A successful farming career means answering a multitude of questions in a timely and efficient manner. What pest is this? How can I treat this disease? What if there was a way for Alabama producers to click their way to answers without having to leave their fields?

The Farming Basics app from Alabama Extension offers growers that connection for quick answers to vegetable and specialty crop problems or concerns.

It includes horticultural crop descriptions; information about major insect pests and diseases; general management tactics; and a fertilizer and irrigation calculator to help beginning farmers save money on inputs.

The app also provides clear pictures that depict each crop, whether that be apples, bananas, asparagus, beans, beets or blueberries; insects and diseases. For example, those interested in apples can learn about armillaria root rot, black rot, anthracnose or angular leaf spot.

It also offers crop and pest alerts, location services, with contact information for Alabama Extension regional agents. It also provides interested growers information for upcoming meetings and field days.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Download the Farming Basics app here.