COVID-19 Safety Trainings: How to Protect Your Farm Labor

Clint Thompson Coronavirus, Florida, Top Posts

Back by popular demand, additional training dates have been added for COVID-19 safety trainings for farm workers and supervisors.

The additional dates include Sept. 16,  Sept. 24,  Oct. 7,  Oct. 13 and Oct. 21. The trainings will be held via zoom from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and will include English and Spanish instruction.

It is free training on how to protect your workers, supervisors and essential personnel from contracting COVID-19. Training will be based on CDC guidelines. We encourage all your employees who are in direct contact with farm workers to attend. You will receive a copy of resources to help you access further information related to COVID-19 and assist you in obtaining masks and other materials.

Free Registration

Pre-registration is required. To register please send an email to Barb Hyman at and include:
• Which date you would like to attend
• Your company name and address
• Your email address and phone number
• Names of those who will be attending, their job title and which language they prefer; English or Spanish. (There will be separate Zoom links for each language.)

Upon receiving your email, you will be sent the Zoom link. It is suggested that you set up your free Zoom account before the meeting, if you do not have it already. We will include the website in our email.