Dry Conditions Linger in Florida Panhandle

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By Clint Thompson

Dry conditions in Florida continue to persist along the Panhandle. It could linger amid the current La Niña weather pattern, says Florida State Climatologist David Zierden.

“We are in the La Niña phase in the Pacific Ocean where it’s colder than normal water along the equator. The La Niña phase is opposite of El Niño, where it actually brings a lot of the Southeast, South Georgia, North Florida, usually it brings a warmer and drier winter season,” Zierden said. “We were seeing that through November and December. This La Niña is very likely to continue into the spring. We definitely have to watch for drying conditions.

Dry Conditions

“According to the latest U.S. Drought Monitor, most of the Panhandle and even parts of the Big Bend are under what they consider ‘D0’ or abnormally dry (conditions). Abnormally dry does not mean drought, but that we’re starting to build up some deficits. It’s an area to keep an eye on especially as we go through the winter.”

Most of the Florida Panhandle is abnormally dry, though parts of Escambia County and Santa Rose County are in a moderate drought. The dry conditions stretch to the East Coast and as far south as Levy County.