Dieting Trends and the Produce Industry

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Major trends in dieting can make or break some industries. Don Goodwin, president of Golden Sun Marketing, briefly discussed how current diet trends apply to the produce industry during his presentation at the American Seed Trade Association’s Vegetable and Flower Seed Conference.

The produce industry has an interesting relationship with trendy diets. “Generally, trendy diets are supportive of fruits and vegetables,” Goodwin says.

However, some diets call out certain commodities for being too high in sugar. These diet trends may tell consumers to reduce consumption of said commodities or stop consuming them all together. For example, the orange juice industry faced some backlash last summer after an article in the New York Times criticized the health impacts of juices, including 100-percent orange juice. After the article was released, the Florida Department of Citrus and others released rebuttals to those claims. Promoting the health benefits of orange juice continues to be top-of-mind for the Florida Department of Citrus.

Overall, trending diets can be beneficial for some produce commodities such as avocados, which continue to be a trendy product. Some dieting trends, however, can be detrimental to other commodities.   

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