Demand for Organics Continues to Rise

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Marty Mesh. Photo courtesy of Florida Organic Growers.

The demand for organic products has been increasing since the 1990s. Marty Mesh, executive director of Florida Organic Growers, says organics are the fastest growing sector of the agriculture industry.

According to Mesh, large increases in the demand for organics began in the 1990s. Since then, organic production has seen a yearly increase in demand, sometimes in the double digits. He expects that demand to continue growing.

Mesh believes the growing demand is mostly due to millennials. “Millennials are starting to purchase more organics. They want more organic, locally grown food,” he says. Millennial parents are also a driving force in the rising market. They have started feeding their babies organic food and milk. Mesh says these parents want to ensure their kids are getting the best food possible.

Mesh adds that another reason for the increase in demand is due to the growing knowledge of the health benefits of organic products. This continuous desire for organics in America is a big reason more growers are transitioning their fields to organic production. “The increasing consumer demand may be a reason farmers want to pay attention,” Mesh concludes.

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