Community Surrounds Ag During Algae Debate

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The green algae debate continues to rage on as misinformation and pointed fingers keep leading to agriculture as the culprit of the toxicity in the water. However, members of the community in the Glades area have banded behind agriculture and would like to start a different conversation: a conversation about solutions.

In the midst of the ongoing algae debate, it can be difficult to remember the community of people who live in the Glades area. These communities and families live and breathe agriculture. For example, yesterday Florida Crystals released a report about its recent Pre-Harvest Celebration. Read that release here.

In a previous article, Tammy Jackson-Moore, co-founder of Guardians of the Glades, discussed the crucial need for the state to come together instead of point fingers. You can hear her account here.

Now, a local Glades area reverend is coming forward to say that agriculture is not to blame for the green algae. AgNet Media Founder and President Gary Cooper recently visited South Florida and attended a South Florida Water Management District meeting where he met the Rev. Robert Rease.

Hear Rease’s statement:

Cooper has been covering the algae issue onsite in South Florida. He has spoken with politicians blaming agriculture for the algae as well as some fisherman who tell their side of the story, which will be coming in a report soon.

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