What’s the Latest? Upcoming Expo Focuses on Vegetables, Specialty Crops on Aug. 18

Clint Thompson Florida, Top Posts, VSC Expo

By Clint Thompson

Registration continues for the upcoming Citrus, Vegetable and Specialty Crop Expo, scheduled for Aug. 17-18 at North Fort Myers, Florida.

Those interested in learning more about vegetable and specialty crops are encouraged to attend Thursday’s sessions. Various topics will be discussed. These include Mike Joyner, president of the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association, discussing the impact of imports; Christa Court, assistant professor of regional economics, talking about how COVID-19 has changed Florida’s Ag industry; to specifics within the industry like pest control, managing muscadine grape production and an update on hemp research in Florida.

“With pressures from HLB, more citrus growers are looking at alternative crops. We had started looking at alternative crops just in our coverage and with that just realized a need out there for a big vegetable event and wanted to bring that together. We added it in, I believe, three years ago now and had great response, not only from the growers that turned out, but all of our exhibitors were happy. They do business on both sides of the fence, whether it be citrus or vegetable. They were excited about it, and it’s just continued to grow,” said Josh McGill, show director. “The nice thing is I really think it’s made the event an Ag event for everyone.”

Pre-registration closes Thursday, August 12 at 11:59 a.m.