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Wesley Langdale

Wesley Langdale, chairman of the Harley Langdale Jr. Foundation, recently spoke about a children’s program called Destination Ag.

The Harley Langdale Jr. Foundation is working with the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College to create this program for pre-k through fifth-grade students. The program aims to show kids the basics of agriculture and the benefits of choosing agriculture as a career.

The curriculum in Destination Ag will be tailored to each age group. For example, the youngest children might start out with planting a seed, while the older students will learn about what a career in agriculture might look like. The teachers in the program are college interns. Langdale said this is something that stands out to him because it is the “next generation” teaching the children.

According to Langdale, the main purpose of this program is to show young children and their teachers the importance of agriculture. “So, each and every one of the school teachers and the young people can understand how natural resources, agriculture and forestry tie back into their daily lives,” Langdale said.

He added that he is hopeful this program will help children envision themselves having a career in agriculture one day. “Let your mind wander and see how you can make it work for yourself, your family or your business,” Langdale said.

Listen to the interview.

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