Caterpillar Pressure Varies Across Florida

Jim Rogers Florida, Pests

Caterpillar pressure varies across southern Florida, according to the South Florida Pest and Disease Hotline.

Few loopers and fall armyworms have been reported along the East Coast. Worm pressure has been persistent around Southwest Florida, however. While southern armyworms are most being reported, there are also loopers, melon worms, beet armyworms, fruitworms and fall armyworms. This depends on the crop and where it’s located.

Caterpillar Pressure

Worm pressure is above average around Belle Glade, due to above average temperatures. Armyworm populations are moderate. Lesser corn stalk borer populations are less than normal.

Melon worms are active in squash, cucumber and oriental cucurbits. Fall and southern armyworms are also present.

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