Sweet Success: Syngenta Watermelon Excursion Excels in Diverse Climates

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Watermelon research remains a key focus for scientists at Syngenta. Watermelon varieties need to withstand any type of diverse climate, especially for growers in Florida, Georgia, Indiana and California. Rebecca Wente-Naylor, breeding trial specialist at Syngenta, discussed the challenges of finding new varieties amid climate change during an American Seed Trade Association webinar. “With climate change, we’re already seeing a …

Rapid Response: New UGA Test for Fusarium Wilt a Major Help for Watermelon Producers

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University of Georgia scientists have developed a rapid test to determine the presence of fusarium wilt in watermelons. This test produces much faster and more efficient results and will facilitate research for breeders who are researching new varieties. They can produce options that have resistance to the disease. Emran Ali, head of the Plant Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory at the University …

Georgia Watermelon Producer: We’re Not Panicking Yet

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Georgia watermelon producers are not concerned about how excessive rains in February will impact their plantings in March – not yet anyway. Dick Minor, with Minor Produce Inc. in Andersonville, Georgia, says Georgia watermelon farmers are still weeks away from needing to get in the field to plant this year’s crop. “We’re still a couple of weeks at the earliest …

National Watermelon Association to Hold Annual Membership Meeting

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The annual membership meeting of the National Watermelon Association is scheduled to be held via conference call on Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 11 a.m. (eastern). The agenda will focus solely on the election of officers and executive committee members for 2021. Stay tuned to future updates, including the conference call information.

Tasty Treats: BASF Emphasizing Flavor with Melon Varieties

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BASF remains committed to improving melon varieties with an emphasis on flavor. Matthew DeCeault, produce chain specialist at BASF Vegetable Seeds, talked about the challenges that lie ahead with regards to melon research during an American Seed Trade Association webinar. “We’re working on a lot of things. Where we’re really focused is on improvements to flavor. Based off research that …

Back-to-Back Bountiful Watermelon Seasons?

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It is never too early to start thinking about watermelon season in the Southeast. After all, south Florida’s crop has been in the ground for about a month. Central Florida producers will plant in mid-February. North Florida, Alabama and Georgia are slated to start around mid-March. It is never too early to start thinking about another dream season to follow …


Wind’s Blowing: South Florida Melons Progressing Amid Adverse Conditions

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South Florida watermelons have been in the ground almost a month. Plants are progressing, but today’s cooler temperatures and strong wind has one farmer concerned potential gummy stem damage. “Right now, (plants are) looking pretty good. I’m just hoping that this wind doesn’t do a lot of damage. When your line is just starting to run a little bit and …

Whitefly Management: Sanitation Key Especially for Watermelon Producers

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Stormy Sparks’ message regarding whitefly management remains the same: If you’re done with the crop, get rid of that crop. Sanitation remains the best defense against whitefly buildup in Southeast vegetable and cotton crops. Even watermelon producers, who don’t have to contend with whiteflies as much as cantaloupe and cucumber farmers, are encouraged to do their part in preventing potential …