Watermelon Board Boosts Efforts to Increase Consumer Demand

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With U.S. watermelon production ramping up, now more than ever promotional positioning and marketing efforts matter Winter Springs, FL — April 21, 2020 — The National Watermelon Promotion Board (NWPB) is realigning resources to adapt to the new climate, continuing to adjust marketing and promotional efforts to positively position watermelon as the go-to for health and happiness while making the …

Wildflowers Impact Watermelon Pollinators

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By Mimi Jenkins A resilient and stable pollinator community includes a diverse suite of pollinators with a range of nesting habits, foraging behaviors and activity periods. These different behaviors and traits complement each other and can buffer against any year-to-year fluctuations or environmental changes that affect species differently. BEYOND HONEY BEES In many pollinator-dependent crop systems, honey bee colonies are …

North Florida Watermelon Farmers Bracing for Unpredictable Season

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By Clint Thompson The watermelon season in Florida has already soured and a huge chunk of the state’s crop has yet to be harvested. Prices for South Florida watermelons started at a robust 40 cents per pound but have since dropped to 12 cents amidst a deflated market during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, according to Mark Warren, University of Florida/IFAS …


The Day South Florida Agriculture Changed

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Submitted by Gene McAvoy, Regional Vegetable Extension Agent IV Emeritus with UF/IFAS “Up to the end of Feb our growers were having a banner year and it looked like this season would be one of those homeruns that come around every 5-6 years.” Here is a report that I prepared on the state of S Florida ag and shared with …


Florida Watermelon Farmers Face Uncertainty Due to COVID-19

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(UF/IFAS) — As fruit and vegetable farmers in South Florida decide what to do with produce once destined for now-closed schools and restaurants, watermelon farmers in North Florida have recently finished planting their crop. Given the uncertainty around the market for fresh produce, the decision to plant came down to economics, said Mark Warren, agriculture agent for UF/IFAS Extension Levy …


FDACS Agricultural and Seafood Availability Notice

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(HCCGA) — FDACS has created the attached form for producers to fill out with their product availability. Once submitted, FDACS will utilize to forward to their Fresh From Florida contacts, as well as the Florida Department of Corrections, food banks and make connections with other State Departments of Agriculture in hopes of providing market opportunities to move product during the Coronavirus …

Georgia Watermelon Farmer: What’s Worrying me the Most is the Labor

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By Clint Thompson Terrell Rutland is preparing for the upcoming watermelon season just like other Georgia farmers. And like his fellow producers, Rutland is uncertain as to what to expect from this year’s crop, amid the coronavirus pandemic. “Nobody knows. That’s the end of the story, nobody knows,” Rutland said. “We don’t know about labor. We don’t know about price, …

Watermelon weed control: Understanding the options

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By A.S. Culpepper and J.C. Vance Watermelon production is fascinating, diverse and complex as are the weed management programs currently available. The first step to success is ensuring no weeds are emerged when planting. Tillage, cover crops and/or herbicides offer effective options. Tillage, commonly used, includes numerous options from preparing the land to plowing row middles. For weed control, deep …