USITC Investigation: Future of Cucumbers, Squashes Markets at Stake

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By Clint Thompson Southeast vegetable and specialty crop producers should find out in the next couple of months the impact of two factfinding investigations by the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) on the effects of imported cucumbers and squashes on the U.S. seasonal markets. It could have significant ramifications for future markets for both commodities, said John Walt Boatright, director …


Letter to President: Action Needed Now Against ‘Unfair’ Imports

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The message is clear: Action is needed immediately against “unfair” imports. Florida Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, along with more than half of Florida’s congressional delegation, pleaded with President Joe Biden in a letter addressed on Oct. 6 that the “long-standing threats posed to our security by unfairly-priced and high-volume imports are as grave as ever and deserve your …

Tomato Trade: Impact Could Cost U.S. Growers $250 Million a Year

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An increase of Mexican tomato exports leads to decreased prices for U.S. producers. University of Florida (UF) research confirms that if imports increase by 50% in the coming years, it would cost farmers as much as $252 million per year. This equates to 27% in revenue. That decline is due to competition from Mexico and other challenges, said Zhengfei Guan, …

FFVA President: We Just Want Fair Trade

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By Clint Thompson The audience may change but the message remains the same for Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association (FFVA) President Mike Joyner. Imports are taking a toll on Florida’s vegetable and specialty crop producers. The future of his growers’ livelihoods is in jeopardy if immediate action is not taken. Joyner’s message was shared this week during the annual FFVA …

Numbers Don’t Lie: Imports Impacting Florida Blueberry Production

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The U.S. International Trade Commission ruled in February that imports of fresh, chilled or frozen blueberries were not a serious injury to the domestic industry. But looking at the recent research report from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, it’s difficult to see the commission’s rationale. Mexico’s market share in the U.S. increased dramatically from 2016 to 2020. …


Fried Pleas for Help from Fellow Floridians

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By Clint Thompson Florida Ag Commissioner Nikki Fried is hoping to enlist Florida residents in the ongoing fight against rising imports. Fried called on Florida residents this week to buy locally grown produce after revealing devastating data that outlines the negative impact Mexican imports are having on her state’s vegetable and specialty crop farmers. She highlighted eye-popping statistics from a …


Commissioner Fried: Mexico Not Fighting Fair with Imports

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By Clint Thompson One of Florida farmers’ most vocal advocates provided additional evidence on Monday of how Mexican imports of fresh fruit and vegetables are negatively impacting her state’s producers. Florida Ag Commissioner Nikki Fried, outlined statistical data that shows the disparity of market shares between Mexico and Florida’s vegetable and specialty crop farmers. “The findings continue to be shocking …

Lingering Problem: Imports’ Impact Being Felt Across Country

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By Clint Thompson Imports are no longer a Southeast issue. They are quickly becoming a national issue. Unfortunately, the rising tide of imports of fresh fruits and vegetables impacting other parts of the country may be a necessary step in resolving this growing problem. “Certainly, Georgia has been in this fight with us for a long time and have done …