Controlled Environment Agriculture: Future Growth Expected in Industry

Jim Rogers Environment, Horticulture, Research

By Eric Butterman for CAES News Next time you partake of a crisp, green salad, think about where your leafy greens come from. Many producers of high-value crops are shifting from field production to controlled environment agriculture. That is where the University of Georgia’s Marc van Iersel comes in. Van Iersel, the Vincent J. Dooley professor of horticultural physiology in …

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Rabbit Management: Conserve Habitat for Predators

Jim Rogers Environment, Pests, Research

By Clint Thompson Management of a South Florida pest starts with conserving the habitat for its predators. That’s what sugarcane and vegetable producers need to keep in mind when managing rabbit wildlife. “I’m going to quote a gentleman who heard about our (rabbit) workshop. He’s a producer in the western United States, and he said they had similar problems out …

Specialty Crop Reminder: Chlorpyrifos Banned After Feb. 28

Jim Rogers Agri-business, Environment

Specialty crop producers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and surrounding states are reminded that the tolerances for chlorpyrifos will expire on Feb. 28. Any application of chlorpyrifos to a food crop, such as onions or sweet potatoes, after Feb. 28 will make the crop adulterated. The result is that it cannot be harvested and sold. If a farmer harvests in April …

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Rabbit Problem to be Discussed at UF/IFAS Meeting

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Rabbit populations have spiked in the Florida Glades. A University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) workshop on Friday, Feb. 18 will address the current problem and what management options are available for producers. Richard Raid, a professor in plant pathology at UF/IFAS , and Robert McCleery, an associate professor in the UF Wildlife Ecology and Conservation …

U.S. Sugar Releases Second Annual ‘State of Our Air’ Report

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Clewiston, FL – U.S. Sugar recently released air quality data from government and private sources showing the results of three years of air quality monitoring in the Glades farming communities. The latest report shows better than average air quality in the Glades. It also includes internal data collected by professional air monitoring experts on behalf of U.S. Sugar confirming the public air …

AFBF Disappointed in EPA Revoking All Tolerances for Chlorpyrifos

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By Clint Thompson Count the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) among those organizations disappointed with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA’s) ruling that revokes all tolerances for chlorpyrifos. The popular pesticide, also known as lorsban, is used in vegetable and specialty crop production like peaches, onions and sweet potatoes. Without chlorpyrifos’ availability, growers are left with less effective alternative products. Limited …


Chlorpyrifos Ban: Tolerances Don’t Expire Until Feb. 28

Clint Thompson Environment, Top Posts

By Clint Thompson The final rule regarding the ban of chlorpyrifos by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) goes into effect on Friday, Oct. 29. However, Stormy Sparks, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension vegetable entomologist, reminds vegetable and specialty crop producers that the tolerances do not expire until Feb. 28. “(Feb. 28) is the date you lose the tolerance, but if …

Treading the Produce Safety Rule Agricultural Water Requirements

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By Taylor Langford, Matt Krug and Michelle Danyluk The Food Safety Modernization Act’s Produce Safety Rule (PSR) highlights the need to reduce risks associated with agricultural water (e.g., irrigation, fertigation, foliar sprays, frost protection, etc.) that will contact fresh produce. The PSR requires some growers to monitor the quality of their agricultural water by analyzing generic E. coli populations through …