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Mid-January Freeze Impacts Sweet Corn Production

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By Clint Thompson A mid-January freeze event impacted sweet corn production in South Florida. The significance of the impact during the weekend of Jan. 13-15 depends on what production stage the corn was in. Tori Rumenik, commodity services and supply chain manager for the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association, elaborated on how some producers were affected by the freeze burn …

Sweet Corn Seminar Focused on South Florida Production

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By Frank Giles Florida produces more sweet corn for the fresh market than any other state. About 37,000 acres of the crop are planted in Florida with more than half of that coming from the Palm Beach County/Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA). This year’s crop got off to a shaky start after experiencing heavy rains and winds from Hurricanes Ian and …

An Advocate for All Growers

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By Clint Thompson Karla Thompson is a lawyer by training and farmer by marriage. That combination makes her one of the Southeast’s leading advocates for growers. “I think with advocacy work it really helps because I understand the misperceptions and ideas that people have about the ag industry because I had them myself,” Thompson says. “Before I got involved in …

Hurricane Ian Impact: Sweet Corn Production Back to Normal Volumes Following Planting Gap

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By Clint Thompson Hurricane Ian did more than just flood parts of Florida and spark damage with its high winds when it moved across the state on Sept. 28. It also delayed plantings of multiple crops, including strawberries. Sweet corn was another crop impacted, according to Tori Rumenik, commodity services and supply chain manager for the Florida Fruit and Vegetable …

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Sweet Corn Challenges in Florida

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By Clint Thompson Florida’s sweet corn producers are feeling the pinch of various factors affecting consumer demand this season; most notably, the inflationary prices and colder spring weather up north. Both contributed to suppressed prices for the state’s growers, says Tori Rumenik, commodity service and supply chain manager for the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association. “Our product goes to retail. …

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Sweet Corn Production: Yields Up, Market Down

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By Clint Thompson John L. Hundley, veteran farmer and newest member of the Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame, produced a quick response when asked how sweet corn production has treated growers this year. “Production’s going good, the marketing isn’t,” Hundley said. “That’s the summary. Nothing else I can tell you other than that.” That’s all growers and consumers need to …

Rainfall Creates Planting Delays in Alabama

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By Clint Thompson Increased rainfall last week in Alabama created planting delays in some specialty crops, says Katelyn Kesheimer, Auburn University assistant professor and Extension specialist. Planting delays are especially true with hemp and sweet corn. “We’re still on the early side of (hemp) planting, so I don’t think it’s going to affect too many growers. But in terms of …

Caterpillar Pressure Varies Across South Florida

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Caterpillar pressure varies among crops and regions in South Florida, according to the most recent South Florida Pest and Disease Hotline. Respondents in the Everglades Agricultural Area report most worm pressure on sweet corn is low, but lesser corn stalk borers are moderate in some sandy areas. Caterpillar pressure is low around the southwest Florida area, though there appears to …