Boxed Produce Leads to Sweet Results

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Picture by Clint Thompson/Workers bring boxes of produce to customers on Wednesday.

By Clint Thompson

Thinking inside the box helped Brill Brim sell fruit and vegetables while providing an outlet for consumers to buy local produce.

Brim, a Tifton, Georgia farmer, was overwhelmed with the positive response his produce boxes generated in the South Georgia area this week. The co-owner of Lewis Taylor Farms said they sold between 1,300 and 1,400 produce boxes. Each were stocked with turnips, broccoli, onion, cabbage, blueberries, kale and zucchini. Cars lined the road leading into Lewis Taylor Farms on Wednesday.

“The response was great. We were overwhelmed and very surprised,” Brim said. “We were very surprised but very thankful for all of the gracious people.”

Those interested in making a purchase next week, order forms can be found here.

Next week’s box will have sweet potatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper, onion, cantaloupe, green beans and collards. All boxes are $20 each. Boxes can be picked up next Wednesday, May 6 from 8:30 a.m. to noon or from 1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Quality Produce Packing shed on 217 TyTy Omega Road.

Brim’s farming operation has been impacted by the orders of self-quarantine amid the current coronavirus pandemic. It’s much like what happened to his brethren in Florida. The lack of a foodservice market led to a sharp decline in demand for fresh produce including those grown at Lewis Taylor Farms in Tifton, Georgia.

With excess fruit and vegetables, Brim decided to offer boxed fruit to consumers in the South Georgia area. It’s been a sweet success.

Lewis Taylor Farms grows more than 6,500 acres of produce each year.