BASF Introduces New Ag Strategy

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After going through a period of transition, BASF Agricultural Solutions announced some changes. Vincent Gros, president of the Agricultural Solutions division of BASF, was happy to tell the world about the new BASF at a recent global media event in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

BASF facility in Research Triangle Park, NC

According to Gros, since BASF became involved in agriculture 105 years ago, it has come a long way. “The acquisition of the Bayer business was a very important step of an already long history in agriculture,” Gros explained. “We are not anymore what we used to be.”

A big change that BASF has made is focusing on four crop systems: corn, soy and cotton; rice; specialty crops; and wheat, canola and seed. “We want to focus all of our resources and energy on the market segments where we can make a difference and improve and increase our market share,” Gros said.

Gros said he is optimistic about the future of BASF Agricultural Solutions. He believes this new strategy will change the way BASF works with farmers and the agricultural community for the better.

Hear Gros’ full interview with AgNet Media’s Abbey Taylor:

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